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This article studies a min‐max path cover problem, which is to determine a set of paths for k capacitated vehicles to service all the customers in a given weighted graph so that the largest path cost is minimized. The problem has wide applications in vehicle routing, especially when the minimization of the latest service completion time is a critical performance measure. We have analyzed four typical variants of this problem, where the vehicles have either unlimited or limited capacities, and they start from either a given depot or any depot of a given depot set. We have developed approximation algorithms for these four variants, which achieve approximation ratios of max{3 ‐ 2/k,2}, 5, max{5 ‐ 2/k,4}, and 7, respectively. We have also analyzed the approximation hardness of these variants by showing that, unless P = NP , it is impossible for them to achieve approximation ratios less than 4/3, 3/2, 3/2, and 2, respectively. We have further extended the techniques and results developed for this problem to other min‐max vehicle routing problems.© 2010 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. Naval Research Logistics, 2010  相似文献   
划船效应补偿是高精度捷联惯导系统解算的重要环节。通过研究其误差特性,推导了新的通用划船效应补偿公式。同时提出了角振动环境中伪划船效应的存在,对伪划船效应的产生原因、表达方式以及对捷联惯导系统的影响进行了分析。对新的补偿算法在划船效应和伪划船效应下进行了仿真试验。  相似文献   
超低照度下(环境照度小于2×10~(-3)lux)微光图像具有低信噪比、低对比度等特点,使目标难以辨识,严重影响观察效果。为了提高超低照度下微光图像质量,设计了一种用于微光图像增强的卷积自编码深度神经网络,并针对传统的均方误差损失函数不符合人类视觉感知特性等问题,结合现有的全参考图像质量评价指标,研究了包括感知损失在内的几种损失函数,并提出了一种新的可微分损失函数。实验结果表明,在网络结构不发生改变的情况下,所提损失函数具有更好的性能,在提高微光图像信噪比和对比度的同时,能够有效地增强图像内部细节信息。  相似文献   
We consider the problem of scheduling a set of n jobs on a single batch machine, where several jobs can be processed simultaneously. Each job j has a processing time pj and a size sj. All jobs are available for processing at time 0. The batch machine has a capacity D. Several jobs can be batched together and processed simultaneously, provided that the total size of the jobs in the batch does not exceed D. The processing time of a batch is the largest processing time among all jobs in the batch. There is a single vehicle available for delivery of the finished products to the customer, and the vehicle has capacity K. We assume that K = rD, where and r is an integer. The travel time of the vehicle is T; that is, T is the time from the manufacturer to the customer. Our goal is to find a schedule of the jobs and a delivery plan so that the service span is minimized, where the service span is the time that the last job is delivered to the customer. We show that if the jobs have identical sizes, then we can find a schedule and delivery plan in time such that the service span is minimum. If the jobs have identical processing times, then we can find a schedule and delivery plan in time such that the service span is asymptotically at most 11/9 times the optimal service span. When the jobs have arbitrary processing times and arbitrary sizes, then we can find a schedule and delivery plan in time such that the service span is asymptotically at most twice the optimal service span. We also derive upper bounds of the absolute worst‐case ratios in both cases. © 2015 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. Naval Research Logistics 62: 470–482, 2015  相似文献   
为了解决带有辅助摆臂的智能搜救机器人自动规划构型以实现自主越障的难题,提出一种能够适应复杂地面形状的搜救机器人越障构型规划新方法,其核心是一种高适应性、高效率的机器人姿态预测算法。通过将地形表示为离散的点集,建立了搜救机器人的单侧姿态预测数学模型;进一步提出了快速求解该问题的算法,每秒可预测1 000~1 500个姿态。基于此,设计了机器人越障过程中状态、动作的评价指标,运用动态规划算法与滚动优化思想构建了具有优化能力的、能够实时运行的构型规划器。仿真与实物实验的结果表明,该方法能够使机器人自主调整构型穿越复杂地形,且相较强化学习算法和人工操作具有更平稳的越障效果。  相似文献   
在(1+1)EAs中,采用马尔可夫链推移时间分析法,推导出了平均首次命中时间的表达式。从理论上分析了变异概率对平均首次命中时间的影响。结果表明适当的变异概率会缩短平均首次命中时间,加快进化算法的寻优时间。  相似文献   
针对雷达组网系统抗压制干扰部署优化问题,讨论了雷达及其组网系统的残剩可探测区动态定量评估模型,定义了雷达及其组网系统的探测能力下降指数、雷达装备利用率及其抗干扰效能指数,给出了一套完整的组网系统抗压制干扰综合效能动态定量评估模型、优化布站决策模型及相应的实用算法。3部雷达组网的仿真试验证明了其有效性。  相似文献   
机械抖动激光陀螺捷联惯性导航系统中通常要对陀螺信号进行预滤波处理以消除抖动偏频,数据滤波后其幅值和相位的变化引入了附加的姿态算法误差.为了减小此误差,研究了抖动解调滤波器的特性以及数据滤波对系统姿态算法精度的影响,推导了与滤波器匹配的姿态算法优化公式.优化算法仅修正了传统算法系数,不增加算法实现难度.仿真和实验表明,优化算法能有效减小滤波器引入的附加姿态算法误差,明显改善算法精度,有很高的工程实用价值.  相似文献   
We consider the problem of scheduling orders on identical machines in parallel. Each order consists of one or more individual jobs. A job that belongs to an order can be processed by any one of the machines. Multiple machines can process the jobs of an order concurrently. No setup is required if a machine switches over from one job to another. Each order is released at time zero and has a positive weight. Preemptions are not allowed. The completion time of an order is the time at which all jobs of that order have been completed. The objective is to minimize the total weighted completion time of the orders. The problem is NP‐hard for any fixed number (≥2) of machines. Because of this, we focus our attention on two classes of heuristics, which we refer to as sequential two‐phase heuristics and dynamic two‐phase heuristics. We perform a worst case analysis as well as an empirical analysis of nine heuristics. Our analyses enable us to rank these heuristics according to their effectiveness, taking solution quality as well as running time into account. © 2006 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. Naval Research Logistics, 2006  相似文献   
Consider a project during the life cycle of which there are cash payouts and in‐flows. To better meet his financial commitments, the project owner would like to meet all deadlines without running out of cash. We show that the cash availability objective is similar to the total weighted flowtime used to measure work‐in‐progress performance in the scheduling and inventory control literatures. In this article we provide several specialized solution methods for the problem of minimizing total weighted flowtime in an arbitrary acyclic project network, subject to activity release times and due dates, where the activity weights may be positive or negative and represent cash in‐ and out‐flows. We describe the structure of an optimal solution and provide several efficient algorithms and their complexity based on mincost and maxflow formulations. © 2006 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. Naval Research Logistics, 2006  相似文献   
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